Shoreline Ringers at Essex Meadows

After receiving a few requests to book the Shoreline Ringers here at Essex Meadows I contacted them. Setting up a date and time for a concert was an easy process since we booked it months in advance. The group was so organized and professional making them an absolute pleasure to work with. The concert itself was above and beyond everything I was expecting and the residents gave a standing ovation, something almost unheard of here at the Meadows!
The Shoreline Ringers were a huge success here and I highly recommend them above all others. A great show, a great group of people, and a great time. We can’t wait to invite them back again!

-Stacie Tanguay
Essex Meadows Community Life Services

Booking Info

onebell Concerts are typically scheduled well in advance for a Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday.  Please see our Contact page for more information.