Libraries Rock! A session at the Waterford Library

“Libraries Rock”
Summer reading theme for 2018

Shoreline Ringers provided an evening program on Monday, August 13th at the Waterford library on the history of bells, the history of handbells, how handbells were introduced to the United States and how they are made. The evening also included a demonstration of handbell ringing and audience participation. Many in the audience had heard handbells before, but this program educated them in the history and ringing techniques they had not heard before, which they found most interesting.

Handbell Camp at Daycare

This summer Shoreline Ringers provided a free half day summer camp on hand chimes for children in grades 3, 4 and 5 at a local Day Care Center. The children had no idea what to expect, but their enthusiasm was contagious. We also included rhythm activities, boomwackers and movement games. The kids were ready to do this all day!

Daycare Chimes setup
Shoreline Ringers Class at Local Daycare - Yankee Doodle
Shoreline Ringers Class at Local Daycare - You're a Grand old Flag
Daycare Kids
Daycare Chimes setup Daycare Kids