Handbell Camp at Daycare

This summer Shoreline Ringers provided a free half day summer camp on hand chimes for children in grades 3, 4 and 5 at a local Day Care Center. The children had no idea what to expect, but their enthusiasm was contagious. We also included rhythm activities, boomwackers and movement games. The kids were ready to do this all day!

Jane Nolan directs handchime class at Ledyard Center School

For two days, Jane Nolan took part in music classes at Ledyard Center School, teaching students about handchimes and spreading the joy of ringing.

“Can I just tell you what a breath of fresh air it has been for Mrs. Nolan to visit my classes? The kids were on better behavior to make the music happen – their faces when they heard the chimes for the first time was priceless–like someone turned on a light inside! Their understanding of reading music improved from the ensemble work, and their immediate success was such a confidence boost for them! I’d love to make this a regular yearly visit”