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Our Education Program

Shoreline Ringers is excited to offer a new educational program that can be presented at libraries, assisted living and community centers, etc.  We will teach the history of bells, the various techniques used when playing, demonstrate by playing a few songs, and even have hands on audience participation.   To receive a quote, please complete the contact form. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and volunteer ensemble, you can be assured that the entire fee will go solely toward advancing professional handbell music!

Praise from our Education Program Hosts

It was so interesting to learn how the bells are made and the
history of the art.  I know I speak for myself and the rest of the crowd
when I say it was delightful to hear the bells ring again!  It brought
back memories of handbell choirs of my youth.  Even the experienced
ringers in the crowd used the words “fantastic” and “wonderful”to
describe your performance.  Thank you for sharing your talents (and
bells!) with us.

-Kim McNally
Durham Public Library

Meriden Public Library was delighted to host the Shoreline Ringers on
March 16, 2019. The Shoreline Ringers brought their bells, knowledge
and talent to not only teach us about the bells, but
entertained us with their music. Everyone had a wonderful time! Don’t
hesitate to book the Shoreline Ringers – they are excellent!

-Alexis Burgess, Meriden Public Library

Photos from our Education Programs

Southington Library

Meriden Public Library presents "Handbells Rock" by the Shoreline Ringers

Mobby tells the story of Handbells in the United States
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Handbells at the North Haven Library

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In February of 2019, Shoreline Ringers presented a class at the North Haven Library on Handbell Ringing, History, and Physics. Those in attendance watched the 6 ringers perform a short piece, and then had the opportunity to do some ringing of their own!

Handbell Education: Old Saybrook

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February 2019, Members of the Shoreline Ringers present to some enthusiastic learners at the old Saybrook Library

Handbell Education: Old Saybrook

“Libraries Rock”: August 2018
Summer reading theme for 2018

Shoreline Ringers provided an evening program on Monday, August 13th at the Waterford library on the history of bells, the history of handbells, how handbells were introduced to the United States and how they are made. The evening also included a demonstration of handbell ringing and audience participation. Many in the audience had heard handbells before, but this program educated them in the history and ringing techniques they had not heard before, which they found most interesting.