Hire Shoreline Ringers

You can use the form below to contact us by email.  Please remember to double check your email address to make sure we respond to the right person.

For a full concert: We typically give two concert series per year, one in the Spring (May/June) and one during the holiday season (Dec/Jan), but we will consider playing at your event in between seasons if we can make the logistics work.


For our performance while physical distancing is required, we require a minimum of 78 feet (40 feet without physical distancing) of linear space for our bell tables.  We need ample space behind the tables for the ringers to stand and swing their bells, 6-7 feet (which includes the 3′ depth of the table). The tables can be arranged in a straight line, multiple straight lines, or a “U” or a “V” shape depending on available space. 

We also require space for our other instruments: percussion (which can include a drum set) and a keyboard – for which we need access to a power outlet.  Overall, we estimate a requirement of about 500 square feet for our performance (300 square feet without physical distancing).