A New Home!

/ December 9, 2018

A new era has begun for the Shoreline Ringers. Thanks to the generosity of our fans and concert attendees, the Shoreline Ringers are finally able to fulfill a long-term dream of having our own rehearsal space. The group signed a lease and is now renting a space in Uncasville. 

With some gorgeous work by Andy Wallace who spent many hours painting and cleaning, our new space looks fantastic and themed. 

What does renting a space mean to Shoreline Ringers and you? 

There is ample space for a rehearsal area and, hopefully, classes and workshops to continue the mission of education and musical outreach.

Shoreline Ringers can spend more time rehearsing, and less time setting up and breaking down all of our equipment.  As the repertoire grows, so does the collection of accessories like percussion equipment, music stands, tables, and general floorspace.  And finally, there is the joy of not having to lug all the equipment up a flight of stairs to load and unload the trailer.  The trailer can now be parked right outside the door, making packing and unpacking so much easier and faster.

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