More Area 1 Festival/Conference pictures

/ October 26, 2013

IMG_1030IMG_0981IMG_0987IMG_0995IMG_0997IMG_1001IMG_1010IMG_1046IMG_1094We made some new friends from out of town.





Set-up of the ringing floor is a massive endeavor.  Do not attempt this at home, kids.  You just don’t have the space required!



The Raleigh Ringers pulled in with their truck packed to the gills with bell stuff.  It’s uncanny how much stuff they fit into that relatively small truck.




The Raleigh Ringers have so much equipment that the unloading and setup took quite some time…




While the Raleigh Ringers set up, Hart Morris took a few moments to play with one of the most unusual instruments they unpacked.  These are variously known as shaker chimes or Degan Organ Chimes.  They produce a totally unique sound.


Ah, bass bell envy.





Raleigh Ringers:  Handbell professionalism at its finest.




“Would the person in the blue shirt please stand up?”

T Shirt day is a sight to behold on the ringing floor.



Hart and Fred kindly stand for some “press” shots with their respective banners, courtesy of the Raleigh Ringers.


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