Scholarship offered for CT Spring Ring

/ March 11, 2014

News flash: Shoreline Ringers has announced that they will sponsor a scholarship for a bell choir to attend the CT Spring Ring on April 26, 2014. The scholarship is for a bell choir who has not attended Spring Ring as a whole unit before. The scholarship will cover registration expenses and the cost of music for the event, up to $300.

Bell choirs who wish to apply should do so by April 1, 2014. Contact Mobby Larson at You should include the name of the group, the sponsoring church or school (if applicable), the director’s name and contact information, and the names of ringers in the group who will attend, as well as a paragraph stating why you would like to attend and how you hope your choir will benefit. The group will be selected by April 5 and all applicants will be notified. Each person should complete his/her online registration. If members have already registered, a refund up to $300 will be issued.

The sponsored bell choir is encouraged to perform a selection of their choice at the closing concert on April 26.

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