Who said what?

/ July 31, 2013

“People are still talking about the concert. It’s hard to put into words the universal enjoyment of and appreciation for the concert, but here is a sample:

testimonialThe concert was a historic for our church, the best attended and most positively received event we have ever had. Immediately after the concert, one person asked “How soon can we book this group again?”

Another asked “Where can I find their schedule so that I can hear them again?”

A member of the church wanted to book them for a concert at a church in Hartford.

People were deeply impressed by the group’s skill, enthusiasm, and friendliness. People loved being included through the sing along with Silver Bells and the question and answer time. It was a night when not only the church but the whole community seemed to feel closer as a result of your program.”

Bill Kirkpatrick
Somers Congregational Church
Somers, CT

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